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The Genomic Commons: Past, Present and Future

Prof Jorge Contreras (College of Law, The University of Utah)

Vast quantities of human and non-human genetic information are housed in data repositories around the world, much of it accessible to researchers without charge and under minimal restrictions. How did this collection of data arise, how is it governed, and what is its future? Prof. Jorge Contreras, who advised the SNP Consortium and other early efforts in this space, will discuss the origins and current status of this unprecedented common resource. 

When: Tuesday, 28th June 2022, 10-11 AM (ACST)

Where: Online. Please RSVP to

Prof Jorge Contreras is a researcher in the College of Law at the University of Utah. He teaches and researches in the areas of intellectual property, property law, technical standardization, antitrust and science policy. 

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