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Managing Open Science as a Knowledge Commons: Open Source Bioinformatics and Citizen Science

Dr James Scheibner (College of Business, Government and Law, Flinders University)

In this presentation, I will be exploring how open science projects share the characteristics of a  knowledge commons. I will then be addressing the factors which underpin the success or failures  of these projects. To illustrate this, I will be drawing on two areas of open science. The first will  involve drawing upon my PhD research into the idea of open source bioinformatics software as a  knowledge commons. The second will involve drawing on my research into citizen science projects  and Internet of Things devices.

When: Wednesday, 23rd March 2022, 12-1 PM (ACDT)

Where: Online. Please RSVP to

Dr James Scheibner is a researcher in the College of Business, Government and Law at Flinders University. James's research interests include intellectual property and industrial property law (with a specific focus on software and biotechnology inventions), data protection law and health law. James's research interests also extend to bioethics, institutional economics (such as common pool resource theory) and the application of these fields to these areas of law.

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